Mini Singing Bowl


The Mini Singing Bowls From Tibet

The mini singing bowl from Tibet are excellent instruments to have in your home, and you may add them to your personal collection of percussion instruments. This article explains why you need these bowls, what they do for you, and how to purchase them online.


#1: What Are Tibetan Singing Bowls?


These bowls were created from metal that was shaped with a hammer, and they produce certain pitches when you strike different parts of the bowl. You may use mallets on the bowls, or you may tap them with your fingers. Someone who is new to them may learn all the pitches, and you may check their tuning with an electronic tuner.


#2: The Notes


The notes produced by the Tibetan singing bowls are based on an Eastern system of notation, and they sound fantastic among themselves. You may not line these notes up with Western harmonies, but they sound wonderful when you add them sparingly. They fit into the percussion section because they are just a bit off, and they can make their own melodies.


#3: Keep Them At Home


You may keep these bowls at home to play when you need, and they sound fantastic because they produce sounds that are soothing. You may not have used something like this in the past, but you must try them because of the unique sounds they make. Each bowl is a bit different, and you find this out when using them side by side.


There are many people who enjoy playing percussion instruments such as this, and they learn quickly that it is easy to use the bowls when they wish to make new sounds. Each person who purchases these bowls online gets a discount, and they may use the saved money to buy even more bowls for the future.

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